Sunday 24 March 2024

Spring 2024 News!

Once again, we have a programme of competition and practice days booked at Bisley, all coordinated with the MLAGB series of mid and long range National Rifle Championship matches. These combined bookings generally provide up to three days of shooting.

The first match of the season is the Asquith Cup on Friday 5 April – this is a challenging aggregate of 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards, with the .577 military percussion rifle. The weekend will also see members shooting in the MLAGB 300 and 500 yard National Rifle Championship matches.

In May distances are extended somewhat with a 1,000 yard practice day on Friday the 3rd. The weekend includes the Volunteer Trophy match at 600 yards and the B.C. Baker Cup at 900 yards. The Volunteer Trophy is fired with open sighted military target rifles. Members will also be able to enjoy practice sessions at 500 and 600 yards.

June 7th – 9th is a weekend primarily of competition. On the Friday morning is the MLAGB National 900 yard Championships. Saturday is the 30 shot Branch 1,000 yard Championship, and Sunday the MLAGB National 600 yard Championships. Some members will be involved with / competing in the Entente Cordiale on Friday afternoon, while for others there is opportunity for 900 yard practice.

Further events are held in August and October and the full programme can be found on the Branch calendar

Bisley range availability this year meant some reprogramming of events. Sadly, it has not been possible to book either the 1,100 or 1,200 yards ranges this year, the Metford Trophy match cannot therefore be held. For this year the following arrangements are in place:

  • The Karl Bailey Trophy and the Hepsworth Medal will be competed for concurrently with the Branch 1,000 yard Championship (30 shots fired) on 8 June. Scores achieved will not be eligible for Branch records, the events not being fired at their usual distances (1,100 and 1,200 yards respectively).
  • The Karl Bailey Trophy will be awarded for the highest score achieved in shots 1 – 15 of the Championship.
  • The Hepsworth Medal will be awarded for the highest score achieved in shots 16 – 30 of the Championship.

See you at Bisley!