Tuesday 10 May 2022

Volunteer Trophy and B.C. Baker Cup 2022

Friday 6 May was the Branch competition for the Volunteer Trophy. The match comprises 15 shoots fired at 600 yards with a muzzle loading military target rifle. A military two point sling is the only permitted support. The match is a rare opportunity to compete using these rifles in their original form with open sights - many have later fitted aperture rear sights, but under the match conditions such sights not permitted. Original and reproduction rifles were used.

Stickledown Range at Bisley was the venue for the Branch 900 yard Championship for the B.C. Baker Cup on Saturday 7 May. The match comprised 15 shots with target rifles. Original rifles seen were Gibbs-Metford and Rigby muzzle loading match rifles. Reproductions were a mix of custom built rifles and the popular Pedersoli Gibbs. A slightly dull day, with bright spells and a shower as the first and second details were swapping around. The wind was variable enough to keep shooters entertained!

LinkVolunteer Trophy and B.C. Baker Cup 2022 Results