Monday, 9 April 2018

Volunteer Trophy, 2018

The Branch competition season commenced on 8 April at Bisley. The match was the Volunteer Trophy, for military match rifles, and fired with open sight. 15 shots at 600 yards.

Shooters on the first detail only had to contend with a gloomy sky and lingering smoke in the generally calm conditions. What wind there was wasn’t enough to blow the already rain soaked wind flags around much. The second detail was much the same conditions, but with the addition of rain! Despite shooting in the miserable conditions of the second detail, John Whittaker had a tremendous shoot and convincing win.


Name 600 yards
John Whittaker 54.1

Henrie Van Koot 44.1
Chris Goed 43
Alan Beck 41.1
Paul Wolpe 40.1
Jerry Womble32
Dave Craven31
Jason Buckingham 28
Taco Van Der List 23