Tuesday 13 June 2023

1000 yard Championships 2023

The Branch 1000 yard Championships is fired over two details (morning and afternoon) with a 30 shot course of fire. It’s a testing enough discipline for muzzle loading rifle, but with temperatures soaring above 30 degC it became a gruelling experience. Most found the morning conditions a little easier, and Mike Hall got off to an especially good start. The afternoon temperatures were higher and the wind a little more playful, but Mike continued to shoot well. John Whittaker was however on fine form, in the end beating Mike by just one point overall. The two were well ahead of the other shooters, leaving Paul Wolpe and David Minshall to resolve third place, the bronze medal going to Paul, one point ahead of David.

There was a reduced entry to this event compared to previous years, in part due our French members having another major event on the same weekend. It was however good to see friends from the Netherlands, Jersey and throughout the UK.

Link: 1000 yard Championship Results