Long Range Rifles & MLAGB 2021

A full calendar of events have been planned for 2021, and the following bookings for Bisley ranges have been submitted to the NRA. Rescheduling, postponement, or cancellation of dates may be necessary at short notice due to changing COVID-19 measures. Please review the status of events on a regular basis, and comply with COVID-19 measures appropriate to your location and that of Bisley. Keep up to date with National Shooting Centre, Bisley, COVID-19 updates via

LRR/MLAGB - AprilCancelled
LRR/MLAGB  - MayCancelled
LRRWednesday9 June300 yard practice (am), 600 yard practice (pm). Bisley
LRRThursday 10 June 900 yard practice (am), 1000 yard practice (pm). Bisley
LRRFriday11 June 500 yard practice (am), B. Custance-Baker Cup. 900 yard Championship (pm). 15 shots. Bisley
LRR Saturday 12 June 1000 yard Championship. 30 shots. Bisley
MLAGBSunday13 June National 600 yard Rifle Championship. Sir Henry Halford Cup (free rifle) & ECR Ross Cup (Enfield rifle). Bisley
Notts. RAFridaytbc June Nottinghamshire Rifle Association, Annual Black Powder Shoot, Thorpe Cloud Rifle Range, Derbyshire
(pm) 200 yards, patched round ball
Notts. RA Saturday tbc June 200, 300 and 400 yards, free rifle
Notts. RASundaytbc June 200, 300 and 400 yards, Minie
MLAGB Wednesday 4 AugustNational 200 yard Rifle Championship. Jacques Cup (free rifle) & Military Rifle Cup (Enfield rifle). Bisley
LRR Thursday5 August Volunteer Trophy (military match rifle), 600 yards, 15 shots (am), 900 yards practice (pm). Bisley
LRR Friday 6 August National 500 yard Rifle Championship. Ridge Shield (free rifle) & Hans Busk Cup (Enfield rifle). Bisley
MLAGB Saturday7 August (am) National 900 yard Rifle Championship. Malet Cup (free rifle) and (pm) National 1000 yard Rifle Championship. Captain Heaton Trophy (free rifle). Bisley.

(LRR Branch Metford Trophy, 15 shots at 1000 yards concurrent with MLAGB match)
LRR Saturday 7 AugustTBC. Branch Annual General Meeting, Venue, Bisley.
LRR Sunday 8 AugustMetford Trophy. 1100 yard (am) and 1200 yard (pm). 15 shots at each distance. Bisley
LRR Friday 29 October(am) 300 yard / (pm) 500 yard practice. Bisley
LRR Saturday 30 OctoberRigby Cup and Whitworth Cup matches. Each competition 15 shots at 600 yard. Bisley.
LRR Saturday 30 OctoberTBC. Annual Dinner and Prize Giving, Venue, Bisley.

Members are reminded that dates can be cancelled by the NRA without notice.