Sunday, 30 October 2016

Rigby Cup & Whitworth Cup, 2016

Thirty one Branch members gathered at Bisley on Saturday 29 October to compete in the final matches of the year, the Rigby Cup and Whitworth Cup. Each match comprises 15 shots at 600 yards, with either any muzzle loading rifle or hexagonally bored Whitworth rifles.

When the Bisley siren announced that shooting could commence at 8:30am outlook was not particularly good. Gloomy conditions and a very fine misty rain hanging over the range gave poor visibility. Once shooting commenced the gun smoke lingered around before being gently wafted away. Target numbers were not readily discernible through the rifle sights and care had to be taken to avoid cross-shots, which are recorded as a miss (a frustrating and needless way of losing points – as the author knows from experience!).

Some shooters adjusted to the conditions better than others and there were some fine scores recorded. It is also pleasing to report that Alan Beck and Henrie van Koot who won the Rigby Cup and Whitworth Cup matches respectively, did so using original rifles.

This popular end of season event attracts members from England, Wales, Jersey, France and Holland and is concluded with the Branch Annual Dinner and Prize Giving.

Results: Rigby Cup and Whitworth Cup

Sunday, 10 July 2016

11th MLAIC World Long Range Championships

Invitations for the 11th MLAIC World Long Range Muzzle Loading Championships have been circulated by the Sporting Shooter’s Association of Australia (SSAA).

The Championship will be held in South Australia, 8 – 14 October 2017.

Competitions will be on the Murray Bridge Rifle Clubs “Deed Range”, which is part of the Monarto Range complex where the 2000 and 2008 Short Range World Championships were held.

No further details curently available. Information and entry forms will be forthcoming later this year.

Members seeking a place on the team are urged to contact the Team Captain promptly. It is important that this should happen sooner rather than later in order that training can be planned and advantage can be taken of any early booking deals for flights, hotels etc.

If you want the chance to see a bit more of the world while competing at the highest level in our sport please get in touch with the Team Captain. Contact details were published in the Spring 2016 edition of the MLAGBs ‘Black Powder’ magazine.

It is understood that South Africa, Spain and the USA, have already confirmed their participation.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

1000 yard Championship

Members spent a full day shooting at 1000 yards on Bisley's 'Stickledown Range' on Sunday 5 June 2016. The Branch 1000 yard Championship is a demanding 30 shot course of fire, completed over two details, one morning and one afternoon. Shooting was hard work in the unbroken sunshine we had nearly all day, after light cloud cleared.

Congratulations to Championship winner Alan Back, 2nd placed Ken Watson and 3rd John Whittaker.

Results: 1000 yard Championship

Monday, 16 May 2016

Volunteer Trophy and B. Baker Cup, 2016

Branch members gathered at Bisley for a varied weekend of shooting 13-15 May. The programme was:
  • Friday 13 May – (am) 500 yards practice 
  •  Friday 13 May – (pm) 600 yards Volunteer Trophy 
  •  Saturday 14 May – (am) 900 yards 
  • B. Custance-Baker Cup Saturday 14 May – (pm) 1000 yards practice 
 The weekend concluded on Sunday 15th with the MLAGBs National 500 yard Rifle Championship for Enfield Rifle and match rifle.

The conditions made for tricky shooting, with wind direction and strength changing on a regular basis, and light varying from slightly overcast, to sunshine (with strong mirage) and sunshine / cloud patterns.

The Volunteer Trophy offers members chance to shoot military match rifles with open rear sights. These rifles generally have the same external appearance as the Enfield rifle, but rather than its .577 bore or generally .451 cal. Some members elect to shoot this competition with their Enfield rifles.

Competing at 900 yards

The 900 yard Championship for the B. Custance-Baker cup is for match rifles and those used generally are of the later form with pistol grip stocks, heavy match barrel and aperture sights. There’s a good mix of rifles used, and besides the ubiquitous Pedersoli Gibbs, there were a good number of custom built rifles and original match rifles.

Results: Asquith Cup, Volunteer Trophy & B. Custance Baker Cup

Monday, 11 April 2016

Asquith Cup, 2016

The Branch competition season commenced on 8 April at Bisley. Not an easy start this one – the Asquith Cup is for Enfield rifles and comprises an aggregate of 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards.

It is likely the most challenging of all competitions for this class of rifle. It also enables opportunity to assess the accuracy potential of the muzzle loading Enfield rifle under the ‘controlled conditions’ of a shooting range, as opposed to the chaos of a battlefield.

Name 600 yards 800 yards Aggregate
D. Chambers 28 44.1 72.1
M. Alexandre 31 37 68
K. Watson 34 29 63
D. Craven 36.1 25.1 61.2
A. Beck 36 24 60
P. Wolpe 33 26.1 59.1
L. Jackson 24 24.1 48.1
G. Evans 26 15 41
M. Hall 19 21 40
J. Womble 19 11 30
R. Player 28 (Ret) 28

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Calendar Amendment

Due to changes imposed by the NRA, the MLAGB can no longer hold their National 200 yard Rifle Championships as booked for Saturday 9 April. The Branch has worked with the MLAGB to enable rescheduling of the 200 yard Championship to Friday 3 June at Bisley.

Saturday 9 April will now be practice at 500 yards (am) and 600 yards (pm).

Monday, 1 February 2016

Spring News

The Branch is pleased to learn that member Alan Beck has volunteered for, and been appointed as the Great Britain Team Captain for the MLAIC Long Range World Championships in Australia, 2017. This year then will be an important one for members wishing to be considered for selection to the GB Team and they should let Alan know so he can keep track of results through the years competitions.

Branch competition commences at Bisley on Friday 8 April with the Asquith Cup. This is a challenging aggregate competition for Enfield rifles with 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards. It offers a fascinating opportunity to gain some insight into how accurate this military rifle can be at long range under the controlled conditions of a target shooting range; ie. known distances, slow fire, prone shooting, and no one firing back at you! This ties in with the weekend shooting of the MLAGB National Rifle Championships at 200 and 300 yards.

May sees opportunity for shooting military match rifles at 600 yards on Friday 13 May in the Volunteer Trophy competition, and the following day match rifles in the Branch 900 yard Championship for the Barry Custance-Baker Trophy. This weekend concludes with the MLAGB National 500 yard Rifle Championships.

The last of the MLAGB National Rifle Championship matches fired at mid-range is at 600 yards and held on 4 June. All these Championships have competition for both Enfield rifle and target rifle.

The Branch 1000 yard Championship takes place on 5 June and comprises 30 shots; a long course of fire requiring consistency over the day of shooting.