Monday 8 May 2023

Volunteer Trophy and B.C. Baker Cup 2023

Brief showers punctuated the Volunteer Trophy match at 600 yards on the afternoon of Friday 5 May, but all who entered were able to complete their detail. The competition is fired with open sighted muzzle loading rifles, and will usually see a mix of .451 military target rifles and .577 Enfield rifles. While the Parker-Hale 'Volunteer' is a popular choice, it is also nice to see some original military match rifles of the early 1860s on the range.

Sunday morning (7 May) was the Branch match for the B.C. Baker Cup and  was fired in dull but dry conditions. This event is for muzzle loading match rifles. It was good to see the very close-run match for the top scores of the day.

Friday morning members enjoyed a 500 yard practice, and Sunday afternoon 1000 yard practice (in the only sun of the weekend!). Saturday was the MLAGB National 500 yard Championships, in which members also competed.

Link: Volunteer Trophy and B.C. Baker Cup Results