Thursday, 19 January 2023

2023 Entry Forms

The Long Range Rifles (LRR) Branch of the MLAGB coordinate their events with the MLAGB series of mid and long range National Rifle Championship matches, at Bisley. The MLAGB events are open to members of the association, and MLAGB members are also eligible to join LRR.

Entry forms for the matches, March to August, have been circulated to Branch members. They can also be downloaded from this web site. To avoid disappointment please pay particular attention to the return by dates. 

The season kicks off with the LRR Branch Asquith Cup Match - a challenging aggregate of 15 shots at each distance, 600 & 800 yards, with the Enfield rifle. The same weekend is the MLAGB 200 and 300 yard National Rifle Championship matches for Enfield rifle and target rifle.

200 and 300 yards are great distances for an introduction to long range shooting. For those already shooting Enfield and/or target rifle at 100m, then you likely already have all the equipment to shoot at these extended distances. We use experienced markers and have people on the firing point who can assist new comers. Any queries on long range shooting contact the Branch (link at top of the page).

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