Monday, 14 June 2021

900 and 1000 yard Championship Matches

The Branch shooting programme earlier in the year had been cancelled, so as Bisley range access restrictions eased opportunity was taken to arrange for 5 days of shooting in June. Recognising that some members had little or no shooting opportunity in 2020, Wednesday 9 June and Thursday 10 June were booked as practice days

The Branch 900 yard Championship for the Barry Custance-Baker Cup was held on Friday 11 June, and the following day shooters returned to Stickledown Range for the 1000 yard Championship. 

Due to COVID associated range restrictions and limitation on the number of shooters per firing point, event timings and course of fire were adjusted to maximise the number of entries available. The 900 yard Championship was reduced from 15 to 10 shots and the 1000 yard Championship reduced from 30 shots to 20 shots.

The shooting conditions were characterised by dry weather, increasing temperatures and changeable winds.  David Minshall took advantage of the more stable conditions on Friday to win the 900 yard Championship. John Whittaker showed his mastery of difficult wind conditions on Saturday to win the 1000 yard Championship. Alan Beck and Paul Wolpe shot consistently well to finish second and third respectively on both days.

Entries for this first event of the year were understandably lower then normal, but it was good to see some semblance of  normality returning and members able to make use of Bisley Camp accommodation and Club House hospitality. Given the prevailing travel limitations our members from France and Holland were unable to attend, and their presence was missed. 

The weekend's shooting was concluded with the MLAGB National 600 yard Rifle Championship on Sunday 13 June.

900 and 1000 yard Championship Match Results

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Calendar of Events and Covid-19

Given the current uncertainties with regards to measures to manage the Covid-19 outbreak, it is with regret that the combined MLAGB / Long Range Rifles (LRR) Branch shoot at Bisley, 3-5 April has been cancelled. This decision has been made hopefully before everyone has made accommodation bookings and travel arrangements. The next scheduled long range matches at Bisley are 8-10 May. Decision to continue with these will be made nearer the time; please check with the MLAGB Mid & Long Range Rifle Secretary / LRR Branch Secretary before booking accommodation or planning travel. News updates will be posted here and on the MLAGB website / Facebook page.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

First shoot of the Season at Bisley, 2019

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) and Long Rang Rifles (LRR) Branch of the MLAGB

The first shoot in the Bisley calendar for the LRR and MLAGB took place over the weekend of Friday 5th April to Sunday 7th April, with competitions for the Asquith Cup and Volunteer Trophy for the LLR and the 200 yard shoots for Enfield, both prone and standing, and free rifle competitions for the MLAGB.

The Asquith Cup is a demanding competition for .577 percussion military muzzle loading rifles, comprising 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards. Shooting is from the prone position, with just the two point military sling for support. Friday’s weather was challenging with some strong winds and torrential rain showers. However, 21 shooters braved the elements, fifteen of whom took part in the competition including a new member of the LRR Richard Croft, who decided to jump in with both feet and go for the long distances as his first shoot; as a first time shooter at the longer distances his scores were something to be proud of. Jerry Womble was triumphant despite scoring a 4 on next doors target, with a combined score of 64, beating Paul Wolpe on count back, who also scored 64, and Henrie Van Koot third with a respectable 57.1.

The Volunteer Trophy is a rare chance to shoot military match rifles in their original configuration with open sights (the popular Parker-Hale ‘Volunteer’ being a generic version of this class of rifle). Firing the 15 shots at 600 yards again was challenging in the morning with some rain, varying winds and being freezing cold. John Whittaker took 1st place with a fantastic score of 58.2, Gary Evans was 2nd with 51.1 and Paul Wolpe 3rd with 49.2.

Complexities with range booking this year meant that the MLAGB 200 yard National Rifle Championship was held on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. There were three events, prone and standing for the Enfield rifle and prone for match rifle.

The 200 Enfield prone competition was won by Taco van der Vlist with a score of 35.2, Paul Wolpe came 2nd with 33 and Jerry Womble came third with 32.1. The 200 yard Enfield standing is not liked by some shooters and therefore only seven shooters took part in the competition. In 1st place was Fred Brouwer with a score of 22.1, 2nd was Taco van der Vlist with 20.1 and 3rd was Dave Craven with 18.1. Jerry Womble who usually puts in a good score in the standing competition only managed 4th place with a score of 18, partly due to the fact that he put a wonderful shot on someone else’s targe; most of the other shooters will say "been there, done that", but we are like a family and we all try to help each other in any way we can!! In the 200 yard match rifle Alan Beck was triumphant with a score of 43.2, with Taco van der Vlist close on his heels scoring 42.2 and Henrie van Koot not far behind on 42.1. Jerry Womble completed his hat trick by putting a 5 again on next doors target, ever the helpful guy.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the shooters for their participation in the first Bisley shoot of the season, especially due to all the changes I had to make to squadding due to unforeseen circumstances. Everybody volunteering to undertake extra duties in scoring for the targets and Range Officer duties. I would also like to welcome our new member Richard Croft to the family and hope he enjoyed his first shoot with us.

Annie Vause
Long Range Rifles Branch Secretary


Saturday, 23 March 2019

Spring 2019

Friday 5 April is the first Branch shoot of the year, the Asquith Cup; this is a demanding course of fire for Enfield rifle enthusiasts, firing 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards. The weekend of 6/7 April sees both the Branch Volunteer Trophy and the MLAGB National 200 yard Rifle Championships. The former is fired at 600 yards with military match rifles using open sights (rear aperture sights are not permitted). This is a rare opportunity to compete with such rifles in their original, early 1860s, configuration.

The early season continues with a mix of match and practice sessions at Bisley. May and June will see the Branch 900 and 1000 yard Championships for match rifle. Several Branch members will also be attending Nottinghamshire Rifle Association black powder meeting at Thorpe Cloud, Derbyshire, in June. Please assist by getting your entry forms submitted early!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Metford Trophy 2018

1100 yards

The weekend of 4/5 August 2018 saw Branch members from the UK, France, Holland and Jersey competing at Bisley for the coveted Metford Trophy. This is a demanding match comprising the aggregate of 15 shots fired at each distance, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards, with muzzle loading match rifles.

Whilst many will have been enjoying the hot dry summer, for the long range shooters it brought its own difficulties. Besides the discomfort of shooting in such weather, conditions were challenging. Once in a while there would be some uniformity in the wind flags on the range, but for much of the time each appeared to have a mind-of-its-own! Watching the mirage in light wind conditions can help, being more responsive to rapidly changing conditions than wind flags. However, with mirage alternately boiling, running left-to-right, then reversing, conditions became a battle of attrition!

Despite the conditions there was some excellent shooting. David Minshall took a strong lead at 1000 yards on the Saturday (this stage being fired concurrently with the MLAGB National 1000 yard Rifle Championship). The following day at 1100 yards Alan Beck fought back and significantly reduced David’s lead. At 1200 yards Gary Evans was top scorer for which he gains a bar to go with the special Hepsworth Medal he has won previously. Alan again shot well and finished with an aggregate of 113.3; David meanwhile had kept a steady day shooting and finished on 115 to win the Trophy. Bernard Collot had a good day at 1100 and 1200 yards, and was rewarded with third place on a score of 104.

Full Results

1200 yards