Monday, 6 August 2018

Metford Trophy 2018

1100 yards

The weekend of 4/5 August 2018 saw Branch members from the UK, France, Holland and Jersey competing at Bisley for the coveted Metford Trophy. This is a demanding match comprising the aggregate of 15 shots fired at each distance, 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards, with muzzle loading match rifles.

Whilst many will have been enjoying the hot dry summer, for the long range shooters it brought its own difficulties. Besides the discomfort of shooting in such weather, conditions were challenging. Once in a while there would be some uniformity in the wind flags on the range, but for much of the time each appeared to have a mind-of-its-own! Watching the mirage in light wind conditions can help, being more responsive to rapidly changing conditions than wind flags. However, with mirage alternately boiling, running left-to-right, then reversing, conditions became a battle of attrition!

Despite the conditions there was some excellent shooting. David Minshall took a strong lead at 1000 yards on the Saturday (this stage being fired concurrently with the MLAGB National 1000 yard Rifle Championship). The following day at 1100 yards Alan Beck fought back and significantly reduced David’s lead. At 1200 yards Gary Evans was top scorer for which he gains a bar to go with the special Hepsworth Medal he has won previously. Alan again shot well and finished with an aggregate of 113.3; David meanwhile had kept a steady day shooting and finished on 115 to win the Trophy. Bernard Collot had a good day at 1100 and 1200 yards, and was rewarded with third place on a score of 104.

Full Results

1200 yards

Monday, 9 April 2018

Volunteer Trophy, 2018

The Branch competition season commenced on 8 April at Bisley. The match was the Volunteer Trophy, for military match rifles, and fired with open sight. 15 shots at 600 yards.

Shooters on the first detail only had to contend with a gloomy sky and lingering smoke in the generally calm conditions. What wind there was wasn’t enough to blow the already rain soaked wind flags around much. The second detail was much the same conditions, but with the addition of rain! Despite shooting in the miserable conditions of the second detail, John Whittaker had a tremendous shoot and convincing win.


Name 600 yards
John Whittaker 54.1

Henrie Van Koot 44.1
Chris Goed 43
Alan Beck 41.1
Paul Wolpe 40.1
Jerry Womble32
Dave Craven31
Jason Buckingham 28
Taco Van Der List 23

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Spring 2018

Friday 6 April sees a practice day at Bisley with shooting at 600 and 900 yards. The following day is the MLAGB National 300 yard Rifle Championship, and the weekend concludes with the Branch Volunteer Trophy. The latter is fired at 600 yards with military match rifles using open sights (rear aperture sights are not permitted). This is a rare opportunity to compete with such rifles in their original, early 1860s, configuration.

The early season continues with a mix of match and practice sessions at Bisley. May and June will see the Branch 900 and 1000 yard Championships for match rifle, and the very demanding Asquith Cup – an aggregate match for Enfield rifles fired at 600 and 800 yards. Several Branch members will also be attending Nottinghamshire Rifle Association black powder meeting at Thorpe Cloud, Derbyshire, in June. Please assist by getting your entry forms submitted early.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

1,000 yard Championships

Stickledown Range
Stickledown Range, Bisley

The Branch 1,000 yard Championship comprises a 30 shot course of fire with muzzle loading target rifles. Competitors have two 1.5 hour details, one in the morning and one the afternoon, to complete this and there is no fixed number of shots to be fired per detail.

Shooting took place on Bisley's Stickledown Range on Sunday 11 June.  The day before many had enjoyed shooting in the MLAGB's National 600 yard Rifle Championships. The sunny and dry weather conditions were pleasant - the strong wind was however somewhat fickle and with already outstretched wind flags picking up on changes in strength was difficult.

Franck Rustichelli from France had a good start scoring 58.1 with his first 15 shots, and although that standard eluded him in the afternoon his final score of 91.1 gave him third place. Gary Evans scoring 96 overall was placed second, leaving John Whittaker in the top place with 99.4.

It was good to see our members from France and Holland in attendance, giving an air of a mini-international - especially given the French team were using the weekend as trials for their international team!

Link to: Full results.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Back to the Ranges...

Branch competitions recommence at Bisley on Friday 7 April with the Asquith Cup. This is a challenging aggregate competition for Enfield rifles with 15 shots at each distance, 600 and 800 yards. It offers a fascinating opportunity to gain some insight into how accurate this military rifle can be at long range under the controlled conditions of a target shooting range; ie. known distances, slow fire, prone shooting, and no one firing back at you!

The following day is opportunity for some practice at 500 yards in the morning, followed by the Volunteer Trophy at 600 yards in the afternoon. The latter is for military match rifles with their original open rear sights, and is a rare opportunity to shoot these rifles in a competition class of their own. Sunday 8 April is the MLAGB National 300 yard Rifle Championships, and nicely concludes a full weekend of shooting.

The MLAGB National 200 yard Rifle Championships is on Friday 12 May, and the 500 yard Championships on Sunday 14 May. On the Saturday between these is the Branch 900 yard Championship in the morning, with practice at 1000 yard in the afternoon.

The last of the MLAGB National Rifle Championship matches fired at mid-range is at 600 yards and held on 10 June. All these MLAGB Championships have competition for both Enfield rifle and target rifle. The Branch 1000 yard Championship takes place on 11 June and comprises 30 shots; a long course of fire requiring consistency over the day of shooting.